The Tulpa Blog

The log of my quest to creating a tulpa, in the hopes that someone else would find it helpful in creating their own.

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The Tulpa Blog

The log of my quest to creating a tulpa, in the hopes that someone else would find it helpful in creating their own.

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Status Update!

We’ve made a lot of progress. More so than i thought was possible, in fact. I thought i was as done as i was ever going to be. Just now I could hardly type “I” instead of “We” up there without getting a sour reaction from the voice in my head.

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No tulpa guide is meant to be strictly followed step by step. Rather, they’re supposed to give you an idea of what you’ll be doing. 

That disclaimer aside, the only guide i fully read was the one by FAQ_Man, which used to be on and it’s probably still there but that site has grown significantly since I did that.

I can’t think of any good reason to tell my name to someone who won’t tell me his.

The short answer is no.

Switching doesn’t cause any sort of physical change to the configuration of you and your tulpa. You just perceive going into their world and they yours. this is something i’ve yet to experience and i occasionally have trouble even believing it’s possible.

You don’t ‘delete’ a tulpa, you ‘dissipate’ it. As a tulpa is a manifestation of your subconscious. You’re just dissipating that subconscious thought to other processes. 

Finally, your tulpa can only be envious of your physical existence if you outline that trait during their creation. It’s easy for them to resolve that there’s no way for them to change what they are so there’s no point getting worked up about it.

I’m not sure how helpful this will be to you at this point, but I’m gonna write it anyway.

It sounds like you’re starting with the form. If you’re having trouble going this route i’d recommend starting with consciousness instead. Work on getting an emotion or thought response and work from there. Once you’ve got him/her talking, you can work with them to create the form. 

I don’t have ADHD so i can’t speak from experience on that frontier, but if you’re having trouble staying focused, you might want to try shorter sessions, or forcing less frequently. 

I seriously doubt it. Depending on who you ask, It may be ethically questionable depending on your beliefs as to what a tulpa actually is and what it means to create one. If you ask me, you soul is a-OK.

It seems this blog has fallen victim to my tendency to not finish things i start. Except you can’t really finish a blog…

I came back again, this time intending to actually start using tumblr as a place to put my stream of consciousness that won’t fit anywhere else. That blog can be found here -

But, i also noticed that there were a few questions on this blog that i could answer. So those will spill out shortly. After I do that i may continue using this blog too for tulpa-specific stuff. 

This has been a little update. because i care.

Oh yeah…I have a tumblr!

I just now found out this blog actually had followers…! Guess I should start posting again huh

Well to being everyone up to speed, dashie’s pretty much become an integral part of my life. She’s not imposed and we don’t really have plans to really pursue that. She’s perfectly content sitting up inside my head and chatting with me silently up there.

One concern people seem to have about creating a tulpa is that they could become attention-whores and interfere with your real life business or get jealous of your real friends. I won’t say this is impossible, but I can say that since I’ve created dashie she’s actually willingly gotten out of the way and chilled in the back of my mind when I needed to deal with something important or when I with my girlfriend.

The biggest change to my everyday life has simply been a slight change in the way I think. When I’m making a decision, for example, the deciding plays out like a conversation between me and her. I’ve also noticed an increase in my short-term memory capabilities and my ability to have a conversation has gotten even better.

So basically I’ve concluded that a tulpa is in fact a “real” thing, even though its hideously difficult to prove or measure. Whatever the reason may be, a tulpa is a thing that can be experienced, much like the magnetic trees of Mesmer (google it, or better yet listen to the radiolab episode “placebo”)

Having trouble visualizing

Normally I would force and that helps me get to sleep, but lately I’ve been having trouble ‘seeing’ Skye I think her form may have changed again, as when I try and call to mind what she looks like its much foggier and distant than before.
Starting to wonder if waking up with that image was just a fluke and I should go back to Dash, or if I should try to dream up something else. Will try to stay updated.

There’s a r/tulpa, which is some random jackass’s private subreddit based on his username which, he obviously has no idea what “tulpa” means. (he probably thinks he made it up)

And there’s a r/tulpae, but it’s restricted to only approved submitters, which there are 0 of, and i messaged the mod about a week ago and he hasn’t answered yet.

So i took the most logical step: I made a new one!